I’m watching the snow that has blown in on this afternoon’s west wind – snow that wasn’t in the forecast, chilly icing on the caked-up mountains left by the driveway plows.

And it occurs to me that, of all the months, January in Western New York demands of us the most persistence. The Christmas and new year’s holidays are over; the promise of spring seems far away; and here we are putting on six layers of winterwear just to roll out the garbage tote on trash day.

OK, February feels like more of the same. But at least February has Valentine’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, and a hint of spring in the beginning of the journey of Lent. January: none of that.

So I want to share a silly story that nevertheless keeps me motivated to go out the door and do what needs to be done. Not my story, but maybe you’ll find it in a tonic for the January blahs.

Here it is:

There were two frogs that had gotten bored with life in the stream, so they decided to go on an adventure to a nearby dairy farm.

Exploring there, they found a bucket of fresh cream, and they decided it would be fun to wallow in it. So they hopped in.

At first they licked their lips with delight, and the two swam around with joy. But cream is much thicker than water, and pretty soon the frogs got tired. Really tired. It was time to get out and return to the stream.

The first frog kicked and kicked and kicked, but the cream was thick, the walls of the bucket were slippery, and he couldn’t get out. Soon enough he gave up, licked his lips one last time, and drowned in the bucket of cream.

The second frog – let’s call her Rosie the Ribbiter – was more determined. She kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked some more. And what do you know? After a time the cream turned to butter and she found a solid footing. She was able to jump out of the bucket and return to the stream, and all the wiser for it.

Keep on kicking!

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